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  • "Turns out the simplest app that I downloaded is the one I use the most." - atldkw5
  • "After much searching and fooling around with "journals", my wife found this app. It is simple to use, you can print what you select, and best of all it doesn't confuse the heck out of you! The word here is SIMPLE!" - katterslover
  • "I used to keep TextEdit open all the time and have a million little text documents always floating around on my desktop unsaved. I wanted an app I could leave open on my desktop as a "scratch pad" to jot down notes, snippets, addresses, phone numbers or anything else I wanted to capture.
    I wanted a new page daily with the old pages to be kept and searchable. Daily Jotter is very clean and simple. It does no more or less than I needed. You get a page for every day. Edits are auto-saved as you make them. You can search through your history of pages and see which days you actually wrote something. It's simple and it saves me from my own disordered mind." - John Arnold
  • I'm really enjoying this app since it's just really simple and quick! You jot down things you want to remember and you can return to it exactly the way it was without having to save anything." - Hanseul Choi
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