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Daily Jotter works with macOS Big Sur!

Daily Jotter for Mac OS X is a simple notepad that automatically provides a new page every day. It is ideal for storing notes and snippets of information that you want to return to later — just like a paper note book.

✔ A new page every day
✔ Save as you type
✔ Fast start up
✔ Search across all entries
✔ Entries list window
✔ Print or export multiple entries
✔ Works on OS X El Capitan through to the latest macOS Big Sur

As it creates a new page every day, you can be sure that when you open it on a new day, a blank sheet is waiting for you.

Daily Jotter screenshot

Daily Jotter will automatically save your notes as you type, so you never need to worry about losing your work. It has also been designed to be fast, so don't worry about exiting the application; it will start up again quickly when you need it!

You can navigate between days by selecting the "Previous" or "Next" buttons on the toolbar or using the menu items on the Page menu. The "Today" button will return you to the page for today.

Daily Jotter screenshot 1 Daily Jotter screenshot 2 Daily Jotter screenshot 3 Daily Jotter screenshot 4 Daily Jotter screenshot 5